Additional emails getting deleted

I have 3 copies of eM Client (Pro license). This bug has happened twice over the past few months on one PC only.

BUG: When I deleted an email from Inbox.the one below was removed as well. It did not appear in Trash or All Mail, and was not found by a search.
First time I managed to recover it on another PC by disconnecting that from the internet so it couldn’t sync and then forwarding it to myself.
Second time (yesterday) I closed eM Client on the faulty PC then re-opened it, and Lo-and-behold the ‘lost’ email was there. So it looks like it was just getting deleted from the list view rather than the database/server, and changing to other folders did not refresh that view, only closing the application and restarting.

I’d report it as a bug but even though I have Pro licence it seems I’m not allowed to. Argh!!!

Windows 10 (21H1)
eM Client 8.2.1466 (d3753f7)


viernes 03 diciembre 2021 :: 1556hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @tim987

I had a similar experience a while back, however, an upgrade to the latest version seems to have cured the issue.
Maybe you should try the same here:

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