Adding subfolders

How do I add subfolders to “Sent”?

Right-click on Sent and choose New Folder.

Just be aware that not all servers support that, so you might get an error.

Thanks, but that won’t do it. I get “not supported by server. Try using your account’s web interface.”

What is that?


I get “not supported by server.

As @Gary advised “some servers don’t support” creating folders via right clicking on the sent folder.

So as you are getting the error “not supported by server”, this means your server doesn’t support it via mail clients remotely.

You will need to go online and see if you can create that sent sub folder in your mailbox online. If you can then close and reopen eM Client after creating it, and it should then appear.

However If the sent sub folder also cannot be created online, then contact your mailbox technical support for assistance.

Thanks. I will try that in the morning after two cups of coffee…