Adding Status Property for VEVENT

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i would really like to purchase eM Client even to just test it against Thunderbird (which I thinks has bloated too much and is not that fast anymore as it has been) in the company I’m working for.

We use CalDav ALOT and Users have up to 15 calendars with thousands of events to manage. Many of those events are volatile though and get cancelled from time to time.
In addition the description for events ist heavily used and those descriptions are copied into new events, when they got cancelled. But there often is a timespan of several days to weeks between cancelation and newly set up events.
This is why, for us, to mark an VEVENT as CANCELLED in STATUS is a most important feature, and only Thunderbird, as a desktop app, nicely shows them in a crossed out manner. So events are not “forgotten”, and when they are newly set up with the customer, they can be easily copied.

RFC 5545 says: Status

Property Name: STATUS

Purpose: This property defines the overall status or confirmation
for the calendar component.

Value Type: TEXT

Property Parameters: IANA and non-standard property parameters can
be specified on this property.

Conformance: This property can be specified once in “VEVENT”,
“VTODO”, or “VJOURNAL” calendar components.

   statvalue-event = "TENTATIVE"    ;Indicates event is tentative.
                   / "CONFIRMED"    ;Indicates event is definite.
                   / "CANCELLED"    ;Indicates event was cancelled.
   ;Status values for a "VEVENT"

Thanks for considering this request, I would be very pleased, if this would be added.

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It will be a good idea to integrate support for vjournal and such stuff… take a look at the great android app jtx board for notes diary and tasks

The newer versions of eM Client does support VJOURNAL that works along with JTX board for notes. I can’t say for sure which specific CalDAV servers it supports, but I know it was tested along with jtx board and was shown working.

Thanks for your informations. After your reply I effectively realized that jtx board content is present in Notes in emClient. It’s missing a diary page to be completly supportedi think.