Adding Shared CalDAV calendars from other users on same Mountain Lion Server

I have eM Client successfully connected to a CalDAV account on a Mountain Lion Server.

Let’s say the username for this account is: john

I can see all of john’s CalDAV cals in eM Client just fine.

However, when another CalDAV user on the same server shares a calendar with john, granting him read and write privs, the invitation to add that cal never appears in eM Client.

On a Mac, this invitation would appear instantly in iCal, and the user could respond to the invitation to join the shared calendar instantly.

How can john add the shared calendars he receives invites for in em Client?

It will be available in the next major version (5.0)

Thanks for the info, George.

Is that on the near or far horizon?

Do you have any advice for present customers in terms of joining shared cals?

You can try following workaround:
Add the shared calendar as a separate account - use your credentials, but fill in URL of the shared calendar. Hope it will help you.