Adding more then 2 phone fields by default (in single contact window)

We recently switched from Microsoft Outlook 2010 to eM Client.
Soon we realized that the Contact window only includes two visible phone fields by default (of course you have more optional fields, accessible over a drop-down menu).

Most of our contacts have at least 3 or 4 phone numbers (home, company, mobile, fax, …). Is there any possibility to show more then 2 phone fields by default? At the moment the limitation to 2 fields is a usability limitation for us.


It is not possible at the moment, but I will forward your request to our developers and will inform you if they decide to change this.

Same for me. Hopefully we can display more than 2 phone number fields in V6


Unfortunately this is not planned as we focus on features requested by more users at the moment.



I would like to see this feature implemented as well? Is there any workaround?



unfortunately this feature is not planned, you can save multiple phone number to contact, but you can show only two at the moment.

It is set by eM Client’s design, showing more would break it.

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I am also very interested in this functionality.
I synchronize my contacts mainly with Google. In Google I can see all the information at once.
In eM Client it happens to me very often that I don’t find the information. For example, telephone numbers, etc. etc. I forget to unfold the drop-down menu. :frowning: Perhaps scrolling in the detail view is a possible solution. 

A further important point is. To be able to assign a attribute to the phone number. And not vice versa. For example, there are two phone numbers which you want to mark as private. It is not necessary to name, one “privat” and the other “private 2”. “private” is quite sufficient. 
Also it would be nice to be able to create any new attribute. 


I’ve also already suggested a few months ago that the user interface should change in such a way that you can see all addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and websites in 1 overview. There should be no need to click on a button to see another phone number, e-mail address, et cetera.

And I also really would like to be able to specify the kind of phone number. I have for example contacts with 3 mobile phone numbers…where do I store those numbers? I would like to have a ‘phone number type’ field where I can enter my own description of the phone number. I prefer not to make multiple contacts for 1 person. But I assume this is a short coming of the VCard format.

Same counts for e-mails: I don’t want to be limited to 5 e-mail addresses. What if a person changes jobs often and has a lot of e-mail addresses?

On top of this, I would like to see 1 tab page with a big memo-control for comments.

And the name of the contact should be shown in the caption/title of the contacts window, so if you go to another tab page, you can still see to which contact these details belong.

You can add me to the list of needing more than 2 phone numbers.  This is a phone centric world now and having more than 2 phone fields is absolute must

You can add me too!!
Please add this feature! I am currently testing eM client and this limitation is really annoying to me. My contacts have usually at least 4 telephone numbers - some more.

Please add me to the list of users wanting to display more than two contact phone# fields.

I have a contact with Work Ph#, Work Fx# and Mobile# (in that order in Google contacts).  I could live with only displaying the two phone#s and hiding the fax but when I select Mobile as the 2nd field and press save, it does nothing.  After closing and reopening the contact, it again shows only Ph# and Fx#.  In Google Contacts, Mobile is the 3rd# listed.  Isn’t there at least a way to select what two you want displayed when there are more than 2?

Please add me to the list of users wanting to display more than two contact phone# fields.



I would like a customizable user Interface where I can choose the fields to be displayed

very important for me too

Hi everyone,
I noticed this topic isn’t set up as an idea but a question - this way our developers won’t notice it when we look for improvements to eM Client.
I’m changing this thread to Idea now so if you miss this feature, please vote on it, so we can consider it for future releases.

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