Adding Gmail account with Advanced Protection


Before, I could add my Gmail account and I could login with 2FA, no problem.
Now, I enabled Advanced Protection Program on my Google account and my account is protected with a hardware security key (Yubikey) and I disabled all other forms of 2FA.
Now I can’t login to my Gmail account in eM Client anymore. Normal 2FA and app specific passwords is turned off and it doesn’t let me approve the login with my Yubikey.
Is there a way to fix this or is there a workaround, besides disabling the Yubikey for my Google account? Or is support for the Advanced Protection Program maybe in the making?

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As far as im aware eM Client doesn’t support Googles Advanced Protection Program, only 2 Step 2FA.

So disable Advanced Protection in your Google Security and just use 2FA which i use & works great.

You also can’t use hardware security keys with eM Client.

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Apart from 2FA in Google, you can also optionally setup PGP encryption in eM Client if your worried sending emails as well.

Email Encryption and Digital Signature

Thank you for the replies!
This is very unfortunate.
I’m not going to turn off advanced protection in my Google account.
I need to stop using eM client then and hope they will eventually implement the support for it.

I’m not going to turn off advanced protection in my Google account

No need to use advanced protection in my view as 2FA with a good Google password works just fine for me and my friends. I wouldn’t base using a great email client on having to support Google Advanced protection. Why do you need it ?

Are you working undercover or something.