Adding calendars

Hello, I would like to find out how to add multiple calendars. I am looking to get people to share their calendar with me so I can view and edit.

What service provider are you using for your eM Client calendar?

I am using the eM client calendar. The account is one I made with my business name so not sure!

A Local Folder calendar cannot interact with online calendars. You can see which you have in the Calendar section of eM Client.

In this example, if the calendar you are using is in Local Folders, it is local only so no sharing is possible. If it is in Internet Calendars, it is online, but probably read-only. If you have a folder like my GMX one (probably named with your email address) and your calendar is there, it is most likely online.

Online calendars, like Google Calendar, are probably the easiest because others can share their calendars with those accounts, and then they will automatically appear as separate folders in that calendar in eM Client. Or if you are using Exchange, other Exchange users can share their calendars quite easily with you and they will appear in eM Client in the same way. They may or may not give you permissions to edit the events though. The help sections for the online calendars will give you instructions on how to share calendars.

Because you have a Pro License, you can also add unlimited calendars though Menu > Tools > Accounts > Calendars. But the users would have to give you their username and password for the accounts, which is unlikely unless they have shared calendars setup like that.