Adding another email address

Although I have had only one email address it appears twice in my account. What I don’t understand I don’t fiddle with so I’ve always left it but now I’d like to add another (my second) email address but I can’t because I seem to have a duplicate of my original.
Which of my original accounts should I keep?

if both of your accounts have all the data it shouldn’t matter which of them you keep. If there are some data in one that are not contained in the other, you should be able to simply move the data from one folder to another. I suggest making a backup just in case before trying anything, though.

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Thank you Olivia. At first glance my question may appear to have been a silly one but I’ve learned from experience that I can’t just delete things because I don’t know why they’re there. I’ve always had these two identical accounts - I don’t know why but if I had two I thought for some reason I must NEED two and up till now I’ve just lived with it. I probably did something wrong when I first subscribed. My knowledge of technology these days makes me wonder whether having the wrong colour socks on can have a detrimental effect on my internet speed so I tend to leave things as they are. It’ll be a great relief to follow your suggestion and find I still have an account after deleting one of them as it will be to at last change my socks. Thanks very much.

I understand that one feels the need to be cautious with technology nowadays, but having the same account twice really shouldn’t be needed :slight_smile: And I haven’t encountered anyone with this issue yet, so I wonder how it could have happened in the first place. I do recommend making that backup just in case (File > Backup…), and I hope all goes well.

Ah yes, but you haven’t come across anyone like ME before have you? I don’t tinker with anything I know nothing about. I think there has to be some reason I have two identical accounts and  think nothing more about it. It was obviously something I did when I set them up.
Thank you for your help and good wishes.

i have exactly the same issue.  So I have moved all my folders into one of them but when I go to the account screen there is no way of knowing which is which and the one to delete and I am fearful of erasing all my folder data.

Hello Chris,
the accounts appear in the left menu list in the same order as in Menu>Tools>Accounts windows. So if you moved your messages to the top one, remove the bottom one (and vice versa).
If you are really afraid I suggets making the backup of your messages into the Local folders (Menu>Tools>Settings>General>General (Show Local folders)) or export them to your computer directly (Menu>File>Export>Export to EML files) so you have a backup from which to restore your messages.

I have the same problem after importing Tunderbird, and I can’t find out how to deleat one of them

As Olivia said, if you have the same account listed twice, it doesn’t matter which one you delete. But you can rename your accounts so the folders seen in your left hand account folder tree will have different names making it easier to decide which one you want to delete.

Go to your accounts (Menu > Tools > Accounts).

Select the first account and rename it.

Now select the second one and do the same (different name of course).

Now when you look in your folder tree you will see the account folders with the new names.

Once you have decided which one you want to delete, go back to your account settings.

Select the account to delete and click the trash icon next to the account name, you may have to click a few times, and you will be asked to confirm deletion.

ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP , before you delete accounts, just in case you make a mistake.

Just in case, that’s Menu > File > Backup. :slight_smile:

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