Adding account needed no password

My eM Client works well with my Gmail account. I have recently added my wife’s new Gmail account to eM Client, but I was not asked for her Gmail password during the process. What is to stop me hi-jacking another Gmail account that is not mine and adding it to eM Client thus enabling me to read their email?

You cannot get into Gmail without a password. This has nothing to do with eM Client. If Google let people into gmail without a password, then Gmail would be in deep trouble. eMclient is not a hacking tool.

So, if you didn’t need to enter her password in her account then Google let you in because you it already had the password. This could have occurred because she was already logged into gmail, or perhaps it was imported from another source on the computer like a previous email account that was insecure and didn’t save the password properly.

Again, Google is the guardian of your gmail. If it lets someone in, it was only after they got the password.

jueves 23 septiembre 2021 :: 0847hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @4Herugrim

Personally I no longer use Google/Gmail, however, I remember that there are a couple of things that it would be worth investigating concerning Gmail that could be the reason.
1./ Family link
2./ Inadvertently adding your wife in a way that Gmail believed she is a minor
I have no idea if this will help though it’s worth a look if for no other reason than to eliminate either or both possibilities.
I do not believe it is an eMC issue

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