adding a shared caldav calendar

I’m trying to migrate from Thunderbird to eM.

When adding a caldav calendar shared with me, I keep getting an error message : login failed with a 401 error, though I’m sure my login and passwords are ok (it works in Thunderbird).

Any idea what could be going wrong ?


Ok, so I finally got it working.

If anyone has issues like that :

At work, we use the format http://url/dav/email.address/calendar
we can have several calendars, and shared calendars.
In thunderbird, you had to add each calendar.
Here, you only have to enter the url up to your email address ( http://url/dav/email.address) and it fetched all the calendars inside my account.


It seems that each email client works differently with CalDAV URIs. Glad you worked it out.

Do you know who the CalDAV provider is?