Adding a gmail account. It stays only in the first part of adding the account but nothing happens.

I haven’t been able to use it. I am adding one accoung that is imap with gmail but in the eM gets stuck in the registration part of that account. I has been trying to access for the last 24 hours and nothing happens.

I had this issue when I was using a slow wifi connection with my laptop.  Never had an issue with my desktop connected directly to router.

What I did is erase the account in emclient 
Logged on to the gmail account using my browser to make sure I had the correct id and password  and
had a good strong connection
Then added the account to emclient and it worked.

If you are using a laptop with a wifi try connecting directly to your router.
Once it gets thru the verification process and creates the account in emclient then go back to wifi
That is if you are using a laptop 

The verification process is rather long depending on your connection strength
Hope this helps

Also I am using the most recent version of emclient 

Richard, thank you for the quick reply. I’ll try it this way but I do have a good connection. I downloaded emclient yesterday so I assume is the latest version.
I ́ll let you know If I am able to access it.