added email address shows messages sent to original address

   I added a Yahoo email address but it displays emails sent to my working email address.

Is it possible that you have the working email forwarded to the Yahoo account?
Do you have both accounts setup in eM Client, and are viewing the messages in the All Inboxes folder?

   Thanks for response. No and no. My main account is Optus, no problems. I previously had Hotmail as a second account but now deleted. My second account is headed Yahoo but shows Optus messages in Inbox. I think it is about how the Add Account form is filled in.

You can remove the account from eM Client, then add the Yahoo account again. All you need to do is enter your Yahoo email address in the Automatic Setup, and that should connect only to a Yahoo server.

    Hey, thanks, I got it. Yahoo blocked access to their server because they were not happy with the security of my email. It is coming from eMClient which I hope is pretty secure. So I unchecked their blocker to allow messages.