Add week number to more views

I just discovered EM Client and I really like it. There is though one annoying issue. Where I live,“week number” is commonly used in most  activity planning contexts. EM Client includes a “week number” option but if ticked, week number is only presented in the “month” view. This is perhaps not a life-or-death issue but it is really annoying. Week number (if ticked) is needed in ALL views. My suggestion is to display week number (if ticked) in the currently empty upper-leftmost cell, i.e. at the top of the column showing time-of-the-day, in those other views.

Hi Sören,
thank you for this suggestion, I’ll mark it as an Idea thread instead of a Problem one, so we do not miss it when we go through ideas for features in next updates of eM Client.


Can I endorse Sören’s request. When looking at a week view, you do need to know the week number.