Add tag or label emails like in thunderbird

Does eM have a way to tag or label emails like in thunderbird you can pres 1 and it will turn that email red for " tag name" or #2 and turns it green for “tag name”

I am sorry but it is not possible at the moment. We have it in our todo list but I cannot tell you when exactly it will be implemented.

Trying to migrate to EM Client from Thunderbird but we work closely with another organisation who also uses Thunderbird. The tagging facility works well (using gmail IMAP) with changes reflected on the other PC’s. Any chance of this being added and compatible with Thunderbird?

Hello Darren,
in the current version of eM Client Gmail labels are treated as folders. In the upcoming version 7 (which is currently in public BETA testing) they are synchronized as Categories.
If thunderbird can synchronize this information to the server, then eM Client should have no problem retrieving it.