Add "smart folders" to Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts

It would be very useful to have the smart folder capability also in the Calendar (agenda view), Tasks, and Contacts, instead of just Mail.

For example, in the calendar (only makes sense for agenda view), I would like to have the ability to choose categories and create search folders. Perhaps to show items of “important” category, or show items of a specific date range.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this for future releases.


Any improvements after 6 years? I need smart folders/distribution lists for contacts so that the contents of the lists change along with the information in “notes” section of the contact. I can do that in Outlook and Apple contacts, I would like to have it possibe in emClient

You already have distribution lists in eM Client if that is of any help. You can create them by clicking the down arrow on the New button or by right-click in the contacts section.

yes, thank you, it can somehow remedy my need. But it would have been much better if there were smart distribution lists where I could set up filters that would search through contacts and include only those which  fit the criteria and do not fit certain other criteria, i.e., like smart groups in Apple Contacts. Moving manually contacts from one to another distribution list is not particulary handy

Absolutely! I think that is a great idea. I am a big user of search folders for messages, and can see the application with contacts as well.

Added my vote to this idea.