Add shortcut for "mark all as read"

As far as I can see, there is no shortcut for “mark all as read” and no obvious way of adding one - Tools > Settings > Shortcuts only enables you to redefine an existing shortcut. Being used to Thunderbird, I use this all the time. Please can you add one? In fact I think all menu items should have their own shortcuts, surely that wouldn’t be difficult?

Hi Phil, unfortunately there’s no shortcut for this kind of action, however you can select all your emails using the Ctrl+A shortcut and use the “Mark as Read” shortcut based on your settings in Tools > Settings > Shortcuts.

You can also right click the folder and select “Mark all messages as read”.

Hope this helps,


just because this shortcut or toolbar does not exists doesn’t mean you couldn’t change it but this is a different story, you know…the next release will come some time.


Hi Mike, the topic was marked as an issue, I tried to explain that this is currently not supported, but thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this for future releases of eM Client.


In the meantime, Ctrl-AQ works, though it is rather slow and leaves all messages selected.