Add separators between Smart Folders and accounts

This is a fantastic program. Wish I’d seen it sooner, Outlook plus gSyncIt would have been gone a long time ago.

When I view the email folders tree on the left side of the screen, I often have a hard time finding the account I’m looking for. Specifically, if I’ve scrolled down into my folders a bit, then the section named “Smart Folders” flows right into my folder list and you can’t see where the account folders begin.

In the same line of thought, I have a lot of folders in each of my 3 accounts. When scrolling from one account to the next, it can be hard to see when I’ve reached the next account. It blends in with the folder list from the prior account. (the account name looks like a folder from the prior account) A divider, or bold face, or background color for the account name would big help.




Unfortunately this is not planned at this moment. We need to focus on features and issues which are having more importance at this moment.

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Bummer, well - my solution is that I’ve renamed my accounts to be all in caps with a bunch of dashes to create a divider:
PETE@PDMAGIC.COM ---------------------------------------------

Rather hackish, but now I can scroll around and find accounts vs folders.

you can also move email accounts from smart folders far away. Smart folders’s bar is resizeable and you can create blank place to make them away from each other.

A more visible bar between the two would be nice though. I don’t think something like that would be too difficult to implement.

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Agree, I also would like to see a visible line or something like that.

Hi, yes, a bar or at least a colour change would be very nice!