Add Selected Inbox Subfolders to Smart inbox Folder

I have several subfolders of several accounts inboxes that i would like to monitor as well. Currently only basic inbox for accounts are included in Smart Folder Inbox. I would like to monitor selective subfolders in the Smart Folder inbox in addition to standard account inboxes of each active account.

I too would value having a reference to the “specific” inbox under the Smart Folders “Folder” column.

This would be most advantageous.  Can’t recall whether a search would provide this - but this too would be more than useful when doing a search and being able to move a message(s) to the right inbox/folder.


Hi Kyle, Hi Christine, unfortunately the “All Inboxes” smart folder only collects the messages from your Inboxes, however you can create a search folder if you enable search folders under the smart folders settings.

To enable search folders, right click any of the currently active smart folders and select Display > Search folders.
After you do so right click search folders and create a new one. Select the subfolders you want the search folder to collect your emails from and if you want you can even specify a searched criteria to filter out some of the messages.

Hope this helps,