Add "Search On Server" in Advanced Search for IMAP

Essential feature. Thunderbird has it, Outlook has it, iPod and Android email clients have it.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, even though we don’t have this feature planned, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases.

Thank you for your input,

Ok. I think you can’t claim to be “the best” without it. Other clients have it. It’s a crucial feature.


many search problems listed here

I’d like to add my support for this capability.  This is beyond crucial for me.

As far as I can tell eM Client still doesn’t have this feature. Kind of surprised, I just assumed it was standard behaviour these days. OK “search is hard”, but at least with Google’s mail server they do most of the work for you. The API looks straightforward, maybe I’m missing something. It certainly seems to work blazingly fast in iOS

we have previously tried to include this feature, but since the server-side search functions are not in any way unified, it caused many issues.
We prefer to focus on improving our own database search, so adding this feature is currently not planned.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


The IMAP server-side search extensions are straightforward.  Don’t need to implement server-specific functions - implement the full functionality of the IMAP protocol.

Second that it is an essential feature

I’d love to adopt eM Client as the mail client for our whole company, but this is a deal breaker. Some users have tens or hundreds of gigabytes of mail. So, server side search is critical.

I’ve revisited eM now three times. Each time I’ve lived most of what I see - but the flaws in the existing search continue to frustrate. I don’t know if there are proprietary search implementations - but the IMAP search extensions are well documented and are supported by every server I’ve come across.

In particular, the server combination of Dovecot+Solr is tremendous. When server side searching is available on eM - I’ll buy. And I bet a lot of others will who aren’t bothering to comment.

Please implement IMAP search protocol. Its a standard. Server gives results, good or bad. With ZOHO it works great. And probably many others too. The Bat has it (old style client) and Mailbird too (new style client). Works fast enough and results are satisfying.

This is a must-have feature to make the final call to buy em client. So please look into this again. I’ve found a library here that claims to do the job, probably the developer team could take a look to see if it helps:

I have no way related to the product above, I found imap_search() too but someone else has mentioned it. 

Please, give us the server-side search and it is then perfect.

Version 8, due for release in the Spring, includes IMAP and Exchange server searching.

No - it didn’t. eM Client has not implemented standard IMAP sever-side search. They decided to implement something Exchange-specific - so unfortunately it is not compatible with a properly configured Dovecot server with FTS search.

Yes - it does. I can now confirm that version 8.2.1659 does perform server-side search against Dovecot IMAP. This was sufficient incentive for me to purchase a license.

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