Add Rolling Week View

I would really like to see a week view that,  while it still would include 7 days,  would make the 3rd day of the view always the Current day,  showing also the past two days and the upcoming four days. 

Perhaps this could be adjustable by the user.  So they could select, ‘How many past days to view (from 0 to 6)’  which would of course also set the number of upcoming days to view (for a total of 7 days shown). 

Hi Glen,

Thank you for your Idea. I’ll add this feature to our feature request list so we can consider it while developing the new versions of eM Client.


Great.  Thanks!

Yeah, I think digital calendars should all have rolling views. Losing the visual reference of today when looking at future dates should only be a physical calendar problem (because there’s no other option). e.g. on Friday, most of your view is wasted with past events and you have to change the view, putting the next couple days out of sight, to see any days in the next week.