Add option to save-and-open an attachment

It would save a step and time if there were an option to save an email attachment and open it from the saved location (not the temporary items folder, where it is saved if you select ‘Open Attachment’).

This way you can save an attachment (say, a document you need to comment on) in your Documents folder and open it immediately to start working on it, without having to navigate through Windows Explorer to find it again.

When you save the attachment, just specify the eg: Documents folder location and eM Client will then remember that folder location the next time you save.

Also in Windows you can click the “Quick Access” menu “at the top of File Explorer” to open the last document directly even if you forgot where you saved it to.

I file documents in project folders, so the first suggestion doesn’t help. I already use the second suggestion, but it still requires extra steps. Being able to save-and-open in a single step would be a lot simpler and quicker.