Add "mark message as read" as part of Rules processing?

i have set up a Rule to take all incoming messages that meet certain criteria and move them to a specific folder. however, they remain unread during this process. i’d like them to be marked as read when this happens. (i use this folder as an archive of incoming web orders for a side business. all order fulfillment is handled by a third party, so i really just archive the emails for a reference in case a customer calls me on the phone and i have to look them up quickly.)

but i’d love the emails that get moved to a sub-folder to be marked as read when the are moved. is there a way to do this? i’m not seeing one.

Is this what you are looking for?


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that would be, but i do not see that once a rule already exists. it looks like maybe i should have scrolled and found that during rule creation?

Mybe it is a “version thing”: The current one has it for sure. See “actions”.

ah… when editing one can still click “Next” and go through the wizard, so to speak… was able to update it, thanks!

i’ll become an expert in this client yet. heh, might take me more than 48 hours, though. :+1:

When I first started using eM Client, I couldn’t figure out how to rename a Rule. I think I even made a Feature Request for that to be added in version 7. Then I discovered the Next button. :blush: