Add "Forum" to "Help" on eM Client

Can you please add a link to this “Forum” for eM Client from the “Help” menu when within eM Client? That would be helpful to have on there to link right to it when wanting to see if there is community support. Thank you!

The way it currently works is when you go to Menu > Help > Get Support:

  1. If you have activated a Free License, you come directly to this forum.

  2. If you have activated a Pro License, you go directly to the Pro Support site.

But I guess many Pro License users come here as well, so that would be a nice addition to the menu. :wink:

Hi Gary. I do have a pro license, but when I sent in a ticket recently, I was told that I don’t subscribe to having premium support anymore, so now I am just using the forums to hopefully get answers to my questions. Honestly, if I knew that this forum even existed, I would always check here before I emailed to ask a question. I think it would be a great addition!

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