Add feature to right/left justify columns

Right now it seems that most columns are left-justfied… which is what I desire. However, the “Received” column is always right-justified and irritates me to no end. I’m sure others may want other fields to be right-justified that are not. SO, making all all columns to be user-specified right-or-left justified works best.

Can we do this??

This is not something you can change.

We have opted to follow this accepted standard of right alignment for dates and times for better readability.

I’m aware this is something that cannot currently be changed. That’s why I’m requesting it. What is the problem with making it an option? You say not allowing a change makes it easier to read. In my case it’s the exact opposite. You have everything else, or nearly so, all left-justified… yet chose to make the ‘received’ column right-justified… so the data is butted right next to the next field and harder to read either of those columns.