Add an indicator (icon) for private events


That would be nice to easily identify private events just by looking at the calendar view, an “easy” way would be to add a supplemental icon besides the already existing "recurrent’ and “to be reminded” ones.
What do you think?

PS: having the same capability for “out of office” events, may be optionally, would be nice too, though less important FMPOV

Thanks in advance

Thanks for considering this idea.

Any plan to add it in an upcoming version?

I am sorry but we do not plan to implement it into the next major version. Maybe into one of the next updates …

Hey, it is implemented in v6 beta! Cool, thanks.

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

So, this idea could be closed… TIA

I will just keep it here so other users (confused or unsure) can find this topic and see that this features is implemented :slight_smile:

with regards