Add ability to subscribe to an online ICS Calendar file

Not all companies use google calendar. It would be great if we could use eM Client to subscribe to an online/intranet ICS file that is regularly polled and the local calendar refreshed to reflect changes.

Lots of companies use intranet based ICS files internally instead of Exchange to share calendar information. Outlook calls these “Internet Calendars”

Hi, this will most likely won’t be implemented in close future.


Hi. I’m a photographer and designer and - of course - work with MACs. But most of my clients in Germany work with Windows PCs. It’s cruel to see for me, how many lightyears they lost in “technical coolness” :slight_smile: On my last job i have a look for an alternative to Outlook for a client and i found eM Client. That is really really cool!!! It’s Mac comfort on Windows. 
But!!! Why your are not plan to support online calendar subscribing??? It’s one of the most important features in business. You have an “Outlook-Killer” here. Do that! Please! Very soon!

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One way of doing this is, if you have a gmail account, to subscribe to your other ics calendar within Google Calendar online. Then it will appear in your list of calendars associated with the Google account.  You can then view it in em Client.