Activiation key keeps disappearing

On a new install of emClient, I get asked for my activation key.  I put it in and all is well.  It shows as activated.
The next day I restart my PC and get asked again, as the key has disappeared.  This happens daily and is a real pain.
Is there a solution to this problem, as it’s ,massively irritating!

Maybe the install did not go correctly.  try this
on emclient screen
Menu - File - Backup           just in case

On your computer
Start button
**Control Panel
program and Features
Find the emclient  and right click it
select repair 

Or  download a fresh copy and re install it.  (May have to uninstall the old one first)**

Or, you’re not using it on 2 PC’s are you?

Good catch Jay
License is by PC  and the key to license is the email address registered.
If you need it on 2 pc  one needs a license on each pc  and must have a separate email acct  as the registered user  on each pc.  

Nope, just the single PC. I have moved it from an old PC, which is no longer in use.

Then I would try the repair option as I mentioned above.  Backup first  and make sure you have the license key.