ActiveSync protocol in eM doesn't support provisioning policies

My organization allows only ActiveSync connections to corporate Exchange, so mobile devices can sync. No OWA, no Exchange Web Services. Also. ActiveSync requires provisionable devices only and returns 503-Forbidden to non-provisionable EAS clients.

Windows 8 mail client connects ok through EAS (in the ActiveSync exchange it claims it supports policies), while eM client is rejected with 503-Forbidden (it claims it is un-provisionable client).

Is this on a roadmap to fix?

Some background links:

How I did troubleshooting and discovered the problem above:

How ActiveSync provisioning works:…

Hi Miha, unfortunately eM Client does not support Exchange over ActiveSync protocol. This is due to licensing issues, ActiveSync is only supported for Hotmail,, Live accounts.
ActiveSync for Exchange is currently not on our roadmap, maybe in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,