Activation Key not valid

Used for 2 years, this morning states does not have valid license, need to reactivate. Did the reactivate, entering key. Did not work. I then then requested license key be sent. I received it on my web mail, was same key, I entered again, did not work. What to do? 


Send me please your licence key together with a link to this thread to:


Hi Russel,

Same problem here. I use the free emClient for several years now and I can’t remember/find if I enterred a licence key, where could I find it ?

Thanks for your help,


How can we send it if our email isn’t working?


The issue was caused by an error in our Licensing system and we worked hard on a quick fix. 
By now you should be able to continue using eM Client. 

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Russel Markosky
eM Client