Activation key invalid for V7 but I have paid!!!

Upgraded and paid for V7 and got email confirmation of order. No instructions, download links, how to install, so I went to download page, loaded new version, imported data but now my activation is invalid. Am I supposed to deactivate the old one or what??? … send some bloody information, I am paying you money. This really isn’t a good after sales service fellas and it’s not the first time…

I’m in the same boat.  Waiting on something actionable

I have the same issue. I opened a ticket. Did you solve your problem?

I have had a response which was a question about whether I wanted to upgrade from my existing 2 users to a single user licence, etc. 
Support seem to be dealing with my answer and I am sure it will be fixed but they are simply swamped by what appears to be upgrade problems. (Is this a good sign, I’m beginning to wonder whether it’s time to switch elsewhere)

I got an answer yesterday. My two licenses are switched to Version 7. But I had no time yesterday to test ist.