activation email not showing up

I have the free demo license which has expired.  I have tried repeatedly before it expired to get a free license, and it says they sent an email with the license, but it doesn’t show up.  I have checked spam and trash folders, in the app and at my online provider and nothing is there.

Maybe you used a different address?

Go to the Lost Activation Key page and enter the registered email address. See if that email arrives in your Inbox.

Also, when you register for the Free License, after entering your email address the activation key is displayed on the screen. So if you don’t get the key by email from the Lost Activation Key page, register another Free License using a different email address, but this time copy the activation key that is displayed before closing the web page.

Thank you!  I activated it under a different email and was able to use that.  Every time I tried the lost activation, it would say it sent it in an email but it would never show up.  Works now!