Activating a license during the initial sync causes a problem

I have just installed emClient for a number of users on my network. With each one I have then activated the Pro license. (all GSuite users)

I have noticed that if the initial sync is still running when I do the activation, the sync is interrupted.

The sync seems to start with the oldest messages and work forwards. If it is currently syncing a 2016 message when interrupted, no other messages between that date in 2016 and the current time are ever synced again. Only new messages from current date/time onwards then sync.

Is there a way to “re-sync from the start”? The  Refresh button doesn’t do this.

I have seen this on three different installations/computers.

Work around is remove the email account and add it again.

Is this a known issue? I couldn’t find mention of it in a few minutes of searching these forums and the Knowledgebase.

It appears this is becoming a common issue, I think mostly with Google. Users have not said that they activated the license during the sync, but have recently reported this gap with messages.

One thing you can do, rather than removing the account and adding it again, is to right-click on All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair. That will remove the local message cache and resync with the server.

Otherwise, as a Pro License user, you might open a support ticket with eM Client and get their input.

ok, thanks Gary.