accuweather most of the time not loading automaticly at agenda if restart em client


Most of the time the accuweather details are not loading automaticly if i restart em client at the agenda task,i have to re apply the settings of my location to show my accuweather details at the agenda task,some time i have to re add my current location to reshow my accuweather details at the agenda task,currently i have set my pc with windows 8.1 x 64 bits version to allow apps to use my location.
Can you please fix this issue with a future update,it;s very annoying to apply or add the weather forecast function every time again i start em client
I use version:6.0.21527.0   from em client

Best regards,

Geert Van Osch

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Hi Geert, the weather settings are updated with each application restart and the weather is shown for the upcoming 3 days only. Location has to be setup manually in case you’d like to display weather in another city.

Thank you,