Accounts Folder shortcus on Smart folders

Is it possible to add folder shortcuts on smart folder? (imagine that you have several accounts and want to add some folder on top to verify the email without need to go to all accounts)

you can create search folders, right click smart folders (if you have them shown, if not go to Tools > Settings > General > Display Smart Folder) and display search folder.
You can create custom search folders that for example search through the inbox of one of your accounts or even more folders more inboxes etc.

These will be then shown on top under Smart Folders.

I hope this helped,

Thanks, But with this method doesn’t appear the number of unread message on the search folders

Yes, unfortunately not. This is not possible in eM Client at the moment.
I hope you can still manage to use eM Client with the current settings.

Thank you,

P.S. some users already suggested we add this feature, I’m not sure if they made an “Idea” topic on the forum or not but if so, you can vote for that feature and maybe it’ll be added in future releases.