Accounts and licensing for eM Client

My daughter is using eM Client for her e-mail after failing to get MS Outlook to work properly. Unfortunately when installing the program setting up the account failed to deliver a working system and had to be redone. In some way this procedure ended up in having two e-mail accounts for the same e-mail address. This was working until she had to obtain a license to continue using the program. Again unfortunately she used an alias instead of the main e-mail account. This resulted in the system not picking up mail from the server. After trying to repair the situation by adding an alias in the accounts for eM Client and several different settings, the system is behaving irratical, sometime picking up some mail, but not all and sometimes not picking up mail at all. (B.t.w. the automatic setup used IMAP for receiving mail, i.s.o. POP3, which works perfect on my own machine.)

I would like to reinstall the software using the proper e-mail account and a new license connected to this account. How can I do this without losing the e-mail data that is in the database ?

What happens when I remove an e-mail account ? Is the associated e-mail data lost ?

Your help would be most appreciated.

Hi, the automatic setup can setup your account based on your mail server autodiscovery feature, which will essentially help us configure the account for you. IMAP keeps your items synchronized with the mail server so mostly you don’t have to worry about backup.

If you’re using a POP3 account, all data are saved locally and may be deleted from your mail server based on your server preferences in Tools > Accounts > Your POP3 account > POP3, thus deleting a pop3 account may result in data loss in case the items are not available on the server.

In that case if you want to remove the account you have to export the data out of eM Client using the export feature in File > Export. You can also move the data to local folders of eM client and then remove the account with the associated subfolders.


Thank you Paul for the reply.

Now when I export the e-mail data, can I retrieve this (import) at a later stage and still use it in eM Client ?

What is the recommended procedure for reinstalling the program to resolve my daughters problem ? (see original description of problem)

Yes after you export your data, you can reimport the selected items to your account or local folders again whenever you want. If I understand the issue correctly all you should need to do is to remove the account from eM Client and add the account using recommended server settings based on what protocol you’d like to use with the account.

Use automatic setup to setup the account automatically as IMAP, or switch to the Mail tab below and select Other in order to setup a POP3 account.

Hope this helps,