Account window doesn't include line for adding password

I had to change my gmail password. Now whenever I open eM Client on my computer, I get a message: “Password required for [my gmail address]. This operation may take a while to complete. Please be patient.” Then a Google log-in window opens in my browser, but even after logging into Google and giving eMClient permission to access my Google mail and calendar, nothing happens. I would add the password manually in the eMClient account window, but there is no line on which to enter that password when I click on that gmail account. (This is in contrast to my Comcast email account, which does have a place in which to enter my password.) How can I enter my gmail password or otherwise get eMClient to connect with my gmail account? I am using eMClient 7.2.407480.0

This very thing is happening to me right now and I haven’t been able to find a solution either

I see that I never received any replies before yours, czdo72, and no help from eM Client customer service after 9 months. They used to be better than this. I eventually stopped trying to access my gmail account with eM Client – I didn’t use it for much anyhow other than my Google accounts.