Account Synchroniaztion failure

One of my Gmail accounts stopped syncing. Other accuonts work fine. I haven’t changed any settings. How can I fix it?

If only one Gmail account stopped working but the others are ok, then either that Gmail account has possibly been disabled or has a password issue at the Google end, or it may have old or outdated Gmail settings in eM Client, or you might have some sort of local account problem within eM Client,

So first thing, go online via your browser and make sure you can login ok via webmail. If you cannot login online then try resetting your Gmail password via your browser, or contact Google tech support if you cannot for assistance.

However “if you can login to that Gmail account ok via your browser” and you are using it as a normal Gmail IMAP account and been backing up eM Client regularly, then try restoring a recent eM Client backup when you know it worked via “Menu / File / Restore” (Pc) or “File / Restore” (Mac). Once restored, all your email messages since the restore date will then appear when eM Client next syncs.

However if you haven’t been making regular eM Client backups, then next suggest to remove and re-add your Gmail account via the automatic email wizard in “Menu / Accounts” (Pc) or “eM Client / Accounts” (Mac). When you add your Gmail account again, make sure to click allow in the browser popup at the end of the automatic wizard to allow eM Client access to your Gmail account. See eM Client link for adding a Google Workspace account.

Note:- If you do remove and re-add your Gmail account, once re-added your messages will be slower to re-read again till they are fully cached.

It turned out that there was a draft with a file too big for Gmail. When I deleted it, the sync worked again. odd…