Account sync hangs indefinitely

I installed eM Client yesterday for the first time, fresh downloaded from the website. Imported my two mail accounts from Thunderbird, both IMAP. One is GMail, the other is from a small German provider called Syncing the Gmail Account works flawlessly, all emails were synced and downloaded locally. The doesn’t sync at all, the little spinning circle next to the account doesn’t go away and no data is synced. No folders show except the inbox and no mails in it.

The program doesn’t generate any sort of error message. When I try to change account settings of the account the application hangs and stop responding, my only option is to force it shut via task manager. The account settings are correct though, all settings are the same as in Thunderbird and correspond to the setup-pages of the provider.

I use GDATA Internet Security on my computer, it is configured to scan incoming and outgoing mails, I never had any sort of problem with it though. My firewall doesn’t restrict any needed ports or protocols either.

Anyone has any ideas?

Hi, it would be worth the try to disable the email security on your Internet security software.
Also when the sync hangs can you please download this tool ( and run it while it’s stuck on the synchronization?

The tools will generate a dump file, can you send me this file to [email protected] with a reference link to this forum topic?

Thank you,

I sent an email containing the dump, I hope it helps. Deactivating the email security did work by the way, the account synced normally after that. This is unfortunately not a permanent solution for me, as I need the security. Since it works on other email clients though I strongly suspect something fishy is going on here. Maybe the dump will help you!

Hi, unfortunately this is an issue of the security software, if the application is blocking the emails ability to synchronize there’s nothing we could do about this issue, you can try to setup an exception for eM client so your security software knows this software is safe and let’s it function properly, also make sure the ports you’re using with your email accounts are not blocked by the software as well.

Thank you for understanding,