Account problem - emClient stop working

problem with the current stable version :
I found at the main.dat all my temporarly accounts I’ve tried in the past. Why Ive looked here - please read below?

I get this problem today because I get a message from my personal firewall that the emClient tryed to connect with my old private mailserver. But on Sunday I’ve deleted the last account for my old private mailserver so there is no need connect with them.
I blocked the access to this server at the firewall and now the emClient doesn’t connect at all. After I closed/opened the emClient it connects again to all servers and works till the first access to the blocked server…

I have deleted all this accounts from the settings/accounts menue. Why this old accounts are not really deleted and why emClient trys to connect with an mailserver thats not in the list of the accounts?

This is a wrong behavior at twice:
1.) If I delete a account the account hast to be deleted at all!
2.) If I block one IP address at the firewall it’s no reason to stop working at all!

I have at the moment 23 accounts in the accounts list and all are active but 61 accounts stored at the main.dat…

It a bug. I had similar problem and reflected with them in the 3.5 beta. Hopefully they fix this problem.