Account number

It is said that free licence should have 2 accounts maximum?
What does that mean, 2 mailboxes with 2 different email addresses only?
I have more than 10 email addresses, can I use the free version of emclient?
Thank you.

Yes, you can only configure two accounts using a Free License. Two accounts mean two separate login credentials, so two email accounts, or one email account and one calendar account using different login details, etc.

It is strange, I downloaded and installed the free version, imported accounts from Tbird and it looks synchronizing all the boxes

During the trial period, that is the first 30 days, you can configure unlimited accounts. This is to allow you to test the full functionality of eM Client. After 30 days you will have to activate with a Free License in order to continue using eM Client. Then you will only be allowed to use two accounts.

I have a Mac on which is installed the free version of eM Client on which I have 2 email accounts. In the same household my wife has a pc on which is installed Thunderbird email. Can she download her own free version of eM Client?

Yes she can but she will have to register a separate Free License using a different email address to what you used to register yours.