account import utility

How can I do a complete reinstall?  I downloaded eM and it created all my accounts instead of just my main account (my mistake).  How do I go back to the beginning and start again?  If I try the auto account install it does not find the correct server details but the initial setup did.

BTW My accounts are currently using Live Mail, pop3.

The easiest way to a fresh start is to delete the user database. 

As long as there is nothing in eM Client that you want to keep, close the application and delete or rename C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client. Then when restarting eM Client it will be in the same condition as the initial setup.

Thanks, that works.  Is there any way to trigger the same process to import another account later?

As long as WLM is still installed on the computer, you can use Menu > File > Import > WLM. You will have the option to selectively import items from that application.