Account grouping? Multiple favorites folders?

I’m trying to switch from Postbox for the customization abilities (line spacing, etc, to display more messages/folders on screen) and read lots of great reviews, but I’m struggling as a person with a lot of email addresses. In Postbox, you have the ability to “group” emails: I can have a “work” group with multiple email addresses (help@, orders@, payments@) so I have a unified inbox for all of those emails, then a “project x” group, “project y” group, and “personal” group with the same. When you’re running multiple projects and have a dozen email addresses you need to be able to respond from, this is a lifesaver.

I did see that there are “smart folders” in eM, and that seemed like a possibility, but now that I’ve purchased and started moving email, I realize after some searching that it’s been changed to “favorites.” That’s alright for one grouping (work OR personal OR project), but I can’t seem to create multiple “favorites” folders to separate them out.

Am I missing how to make this feature work? Is there any plan to allow account grouping in the future? It’s so important for folks in project management or with more than a couple of email addresses, and the only option I can see would be to run multiple email clients if I want to use eM which kind of defeats the purpose.