Account disappeared

The whole account has just disappeared…everything, mail, contacts, calender. Under “accounts” there is nothing.

Is eM mail stable…how can this happen?

In 15 years of outlook this has never happened.


have you changed your database location by any chance? EM Client can’t delete accounts by it’s will.

Did this issue occurred after update or have you encountered some Windows crash?


Hi Jan…one second it was all there and the next it was all gone!
I wasn’t on settings nor did I mess around with the psf file that I imported the data from. This is still on my com.

regards Sean

Hi John…one second all was well and then the next everything was gone!
I wasn’t on the settings or accounts neither did I delete the psf file that I imported all the data from.

Very odd.

ps…I reset all the account settings and so far it is working fine.
But I still have not imported all my data from outlook still as I will update this from the old com.

I am having hard time understanding if it works for you now or not, do you have still data on the server - if they were in eM Client before they should be kept on the server.

anyway can you look into database folder (default) C:\Users\ current user \AppData\Roaming\eM Client if you still have data there.

And please update to this newest version…


Yes Jan. My eMail account settings have been reset completely and it is now working.

But understand that before I did this all of my account settings disappeared. There was nothing in the settings and I then got your pop up to start to set up an account as if it was the first time to set up an account.

As I said…it is working after I made all the settings again as if it was a new account.


My version v5.0.19406.0

Thanks for your replies

ok, thank you for the info.

please use back up tool from time to time or set it to automatic so if this will happen again you will be able to restore data from that backup.


It’s just gone again…the whole account!

I closed eM Mail…opened it again and all the account settings are gone.
I have a screen shot.

ok, could you please contact me on [email protected]?