Account differentiation

The drop down box to change which account you are sending a mail from is not that obvious and it is easy to send a mail from the wrong account. A different coloured border for the compose window of each account would easily stop this.


I have seen this picture somewhere on this forum, anyway we do not plan to implement this. User can easily see from what email account he is sending by looking at “From:” and changing it there too.


I agree you can see, if you look, at the ‘From’ box, but it is VERY easy to miss if you assume it is the correct account and I have made this mistake enough times to cause embarrassment. The use of colour like this makes it obvious and solved the problem for me, and currently 926 other users, of a plugin for Thunderbird where it has a 5 star review, so I think a need for such a facility is proven.

I have moved to eM Client because of its superiority to Lightning for calendars but I miss this and several facilities on the e-mail side. Currently I get round the problem using distinctive signatures but that raises another problem. You assume all accounts want to use the same options. There is no way to cite the previous message in one account and not another, or use HTML for one and plain text for another. Either of these would also quickly show you are using the wrong account, and add to the software’s flexibility.

I am sorry but since this is imported as I have written before we do not plan to implement this.


You seem to fail to understand. I don’t want to be able to use this plugin as I know you don’t use plugins. I am using it as an illustration of what would be a useful idea and I have posted it at your request!! You saw it in the Beta release section and said “this is a good idea, unfortunately it is not planned, but you can make Idea topic so users can +1 this.”

What was the point of telling me that, only to tell me, when I took the time to follow your suggestion, in effect to “go away” because you won’t be doing anything.

well I was unable to find that topic so I asked my coleagues again and got this answer which I have written here.

Our opinion on features can and often differ in time, anyway if you knew original topic why have you created new one instead of +1 that old one? now I need to merge them together so forum can be clear for other users.

with regards

Perhaps you could have told me how to make a post +1 as there seems to be no obvious way. All the posts with +1 seemed to be ideas so I went and posted it under the most appropriate heading in the ideas section and there was a +1 available so I thought I had done it correctly.

My apologies if my attempts to help you have not been appreciated. You will be pleased to know I won’t be bothering you again

simply to write +1 as new post, once in a while I take all ideas from forum that has more than some number of posts (or sound good), make lists with description form that and send it to my superiors.

I did not meant to offend you but I thought this is obvious way how to show support for an idea.