Account deletion, account addition

so, I have gorped up my gmail account (setup as POP), started fresh, created a second gmail account (setup as IMAP) (same email addr), it works, my question is:

if I now delete the account that is messed up, will I lose my contact list, if so, how do I avoid that pain

thanks, Bill

I would suggest before deleting your POP account, to “export your contacts” from eM Client to a .csv file and then “import those into your Gmail account contacts online via your browser” which will then automatically show up in your new Gmail IMAP contacts in eM Client when eM Client syncs next time you’re online.

You then know your contacts are safe as are in your Google account contacts online.

“How to export contacts into a .csv in eM Client ?”

“How to Import .csv contacts into Gmail online”.

1). On your computer browser, go to Google Contacts.
2). On the left, click Import.
3). Click Select File.
4). Choose your file.
5). Click Import

Note: Remember to also drag all your old POP mail you want to your new IMAP account in eM Client before removing your POP account as well.

Also backup eM Client first before doing anything via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the backup finishes via “Menu / Operations”.

Lastly then when adding contacts, make sure you add them to your “Gmail account” contacts in eM Client and not “Local contacts” so even if something happens to your computer all your contacts allways come back from Google online when your readd your IMAP acct in eM Client.