Account Creation via Exchange Ends in Passwort Loop


my account (outlook) doesnt sync anymore since a couple of days. Her in the forum i found out that i have to set up my hotmail account via exchange server. I did that, all the steps were fine. But wenn clicking on “finish” as last step of the “create account process” the microsoft enter password window pops up. I enter the password again, windows closes. But when clicking on “finisch” in em client, again the microsoft "enter password"window pops up. its like hanging up in this loop. I entered the Passwor via typing, via using microsoft authenticator app and via send code to my alternative gmail account. It does definetly not work. Even shut down em client and restart PC didnt help. I end in this “enter password” loop. Please help.

Thank you very much

I have exactly the same problem - hotmail account stopped working last Friday so I’ve tried to remove and re-add it using the ‘Exchange’ option but like the OP I’m stuck in a loop.

You cannot setup a Free Microsoft account with Exchange using oAuth. This is a Microsoft restriction.

You will need to set it up using IMAP, following the manual setup instructions I gave in the topic discussing this:

Thank you Gary very much, it worked out well for me this solution. Great!

We also just updated our knowledge base with a method to add the account as Exchange.
There is now a registry hack included, so it will work.

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@Gary Yes that (updated knowledge base) & Registry mod now works perfectly for my personal account Mail, Contacts & Calendar using Exchange setup as per that doc with my 2FA app password. Great work :slightly_smiling_face: Ps Also worked perfectly for My Bro with his Hotmail account as well.

Ps I would suggest for (Windows users) having OAuth problem with Outlook, Hotmail, Live etc use this as per it also sync your contacts & calendar rather than just email using normal IMAP setup.