Account avatars in non-unified folders

With multiple email accounts how do I prevent the account avatar from account ‘A’ from changing to the avatar for account ‘B’ when placed in any of the folders from account ‘B’.
Or are unified folders the only folders in which avatars can keep their account icons?

Account avatars are not displayed in the account folders. They are only displayed next to messages in unified folders like the All Inboxes folder to indicate what actual folders the messages are in.

So in All Inboxes, any message from account A folders will show the account A avatar.

If you move one of those messages to account B, then in All Inboxes it will display the account B avatar instead because the message is now in an account B folder.

It doesn’t indicate which address or account the message was sent to, it indicates which account’s folder the message is in.

Thanks Gary for the explanation…1 discrepancy, when I drag an email from all inboxes into any folder of any account it will show the account avatar in that folder you place it in for that account.

That’s correct. It displays the avatar for the folder you have dropped it in.

Gary I tried setting a rule using 2 different coloured tags, 1 colour for each account. But what happens, each different account gets both coloured tags applied when an email comes in.
I thought I might achieve the same.

You need 2 Rules, one for each account.

They will look like this:

Does the ‘set tags’ rule have to have the actual full email address or can the tag name be just an initial?

BTW, eM Client hangs/freezes when you attempt to change the name of a tag in the ‘tags’ window.

It is automatically named from whatever tag you select. You just click on the link, and select one or more tags.

I customize the names to suit the account…BTW, eM Client hangs/freezes when you attempt to change the name of a tag in the ‘tags’ window.
Are some tag names permanent?

Thanks I figured how to tag incoming emails by account. This helps me at a glance to identify emails when I move emails from 1 account into another account’s folder.

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Gary I should explain what I was trying to accomplish. I have 100’s of emails from 2 different accounts. Many emails are mixed into the other account’s folders and so I was trying to do a retro-active account tagging of all the existing emails. This cannot be done as I discovered.
Thanks again for your time.