Account Avatar - wrong picture

Hello everyone,

As account avatar I have my logo, see below screenshot.
Unfortunately, the same is not visible when selecting the avatar.

Because folder:
(“C:\Users\XXXXXXXXX\AppData\Local\eM Client”) unfortunately doesn’t help to delete.

How can I delete the “wrong” picture ?




viernes 24 marzo 2023 :: 1329hrs (UTC +0100)

Hey @Angelchc

First, the probability is that you are not able to delete the “wrong” picture is that it is in use by eMC.
I suggest that you close eMC and try again.
Also to ensure that your chosen Logo is displayed accurately in all locations is to register your Logo with:
It is a Free service, go online and follow the instructions, it will possibly take a few days to be enabled.


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The picture is my own.
Accidentally selected it the first time.
That must be stored somewhere.
Tried everything.
Also, the “cache” folder in the directory:
“C:\Users\XXXXXXX\AppData\Local\eM Client” delete.

Now it worked.

It was the directories in the folder:
“C:\Users\XXXXXXX\AppData\Local\eM Client”

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Thank you, this was driving me crazy :smiley: (I had updated the gravatar but that cache folder was being a jerk :P)