Accidental "send"

I’ve been using eM Client for years now, and every year I send dozens of emails before I intend for them to go. I’m typing away on my message, then I fatfinger what I assume is a “Send” keyboard shortcut, and off goes my email before I’m finished with it. Then I have to send the follow-up “sorry…” email. This happens ALL the time.

I can’t find the shortcut that’s triggering this, or otherwise figure out how to stop it. I don’t know if it’s a result of the cursor sitting right on top of the “Send” button after you click “New” to start a new message, but if that’s it, and there’s a way around it–other than moving the cursor off of “Send” every time you start a new message–I’d be grateful to know what it is.


This may not be your problem, but there is a “Send” shortcut and it could be changed to something less likely to happen accidentally. To find it, go to: Tools>General>Settings>Shortcuts>Send Mail>Send. The default for “Send” is Cntrl+Enter, but you could make it anything you want.

Thanks. That’s not the problem, apparently…when I hit Ctrl+Enter, I get prompted as to whether or not I want to send the email. That’s not what happens to me when I have this problem…the email just goes.

Also, though, I’m not able to edit shortcuts. When I try to insert the cursor in the shortcut field and start typing, I get a “Warning: Shortcut not allowed” error message. Mind you, this happens no matter what I type…any key or character, even the ostensibly allowable ones…will produce this response. 

Sorry. Then I don’t know what the problem might be.

However, if you do need to change a shortcut, you don’t type in the highlighted field. You just press the keys for what you want the shortcut to be.

I have the same problem and it does not include the ctrl key and I have never reprogrammed the short-cuts.

Looking forward to a solution.

Thanks, Chipster. At least I was able to change the shortcut…