accessibility for blind user

How easy is it for a blind person to use eM Client. Sky no longer support older versions of Outlook and upgrading means a move to the ribbon feature which is difficult when sight impaired.

eM Client has a fine-tuned user interface that is all about visual impact, so not something that is primarily aimed at visually impaired users.

All I can suggest is that you try it and see if it works.

while setting up my new pc i thought it was time to “lookout” for a e-mail client replacement and gave emClient a try. as i am visually impaired, i am using mostly jaws to get things done. The experience with emClient was not absolutely bad but suffered in major aspects

So, navigating my inbox does not cause my screen reader to deliver any information about the various mail elements. This might happen because either the selection pane does not request the focus property or - like in other mail clients - the information is wrapped inside a container which would prevent screen readers from getting the information like sender, subject etc.

Although i know that a decent looking interface is still more value than meeting accessibility requirements, i have a hard time understanding this point of view. making web sites more accessible has become a big topic during the last years and much effort has been taken at least for the majority of public services. But with every application we would like to try, it is always like rolling the dice.

eM Client have made many changes in the current beta version, so while they have always been about visual impact, maybe you would like to try the current beta version and see if there is any difference in accessibility. You can download the current version 8 beta from the Release History.

Thanks for your immediate feedback!
The beta version really seems to handle things differently, however it doesn’t solve the issues.
Moving the selection cursor in e-mail lists now moves the focus, too. But the information highlighted by the selection is still not accessible. Maybe this could be achieved with a custom script but this would require some additional time to dig into it a little deeper. maybe i’ll find time for it later.